MARVEL TEAM-UP #104 (1981): Hulk and Ka-Zar


It’s a Spideyless issue of MTU, which is never a good sign.  But hey, at least there’s MODOK!  When we last him, he was killed by Iron Man in King Size Annual #4.  That was in 1977.  Five years dead!  Aside from a flashback in a 1980 issue of Super-Villain Team Up (#17), I couldn’t find any MODOK appearances until Marvel Team Up #104.  And aside from the fact that there’s absolutely no explanation of how he survived Iron Man’s blast, it’s a fantastic appearance.  Ka-Zar and The Hulk team up to stop MODOK from unleashing an army of mind-controlled dinosaurs on the Earth!

Ka-Zar is here to help get him back in the viewers’ minds as his solo book will launch (again) later in 1981.  And for the most part it will suck (again).

Check out the great dialog above!

Creators: Roger McKenzie and Jerry Bingham
Grade: B-

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