Spectacular Spider-Man #162-163 (1990)

Gerry Conway plays with all his old toys. Hobgoblin breaks Carrion out of The Vault, making short work of the Guardsmen prison guards, including one fatality.

Meanwhile Carrion wants to get back in touch with his human side, so he goes to his mommy’s house.  Spider-Man does, too, looking for him.  And of course, they all end up there at the same time and get into a big fight.  The villains take Spidey alive and try to sell him to Hammerhead and Tombstone.

Mary Jane finds out and tries to get Mr. Prideheart, the new owner of the Daily Bugle and also the super-powered Puma (who, like MJ, knows Peter is Spider-Man), but Puma declines.  I really don’t get why Puma is even in this comic.  He never does anything.

Spidey escapes, they fight again, and the two villains “die” when Hobgoblin crashes into Carrion and his foot-flying thing explodes.  With a big SHAROOM!

Must be lots of fuel in that little thing?

Creators: Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema
Grade: C

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