Iron Man #149-150 (1981): Doomquest


Hailed as one of the greatest Iron Man stories of all time, but not recognized by the definitive judge of all things Comics as one of the greatest Dr. Doom stories of all time.  Yes, welcome to one of the most famous and influential two-part Iron Man stories of all time: The one where he goes back in time with Dr. Doom.

An executive in Stark International sold weapons-grade tech to Latveria, and Doom in turn uses that tech to rebuild his time machine so he can go back in time to the days of knights and wizards to learn cool magic stuff.

Tony Stark finds out about the sale and terminates it, going as Iron Man to discuss the failed delivery.  Naturally, the discussion leads to punching, and both of them are sent back in time by a disgruntled Doom employee who is trying to take advantage while his boss is distracted.

They end up in Camelot, where Iron Man fights Morgan Le Fay’s zombie army, led by Dr. Doom.  Doom tries to get Le Fay to give him the magic skills to free his mom from Hell.  She doesn’t, Doom fails, and then he has to make nice nice with Iron Man so that, together, they can cannibalize their armors to create a new time machine that will take them back to the future.

Absolute perfection.  Even the cover…

JR jr loves to draw close ups of eyes.

X-Men #176.

Iron Man #152.

Superman reboot.

Creators: David Michelinie, Bob Layton and John Romita Jr.
Grade: A

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