POWER MAN AND IRON FIST #118-120 (1985)

Fist is dying, he needs a cure. So, it’s off to K’un Lun–Dr. Druid helps them find the right mystical passage. Why Druid and not Strange? Because nobody was using Druid and Marvel wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about him. Or at least I’m assuming that.  Anyway, when they get there…

So then it’s a story in K’un Lun.
Once there, Colleen Wing gets some combat time with Lei Kung. But she can’t stop him from putting Iron Fist into some kind of a crazy trance where he starts to re-live his past. His memories take over and he becomes evil.
And wears a new red suit.

In the end, he’s cured of cancer. So as readers we think he won’t die. But he will.

The cliffhanger at the end of #120 is that Master Khan snuck back into New York City when Danny, Luke and Colleen returned from K’un Lun.

Approaching the end, the book becomes a true ensemble book.  This was Mark Bright and Jim Owsley at the peak of their powers.

Grade: B+

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