STRANGE TALES #128-133 (1965)

So I bundled issues #124-127, and I’m bundling more for the same reasons: The Torch/Thing stories are just awful.  The only one worth mentioning, purely for the novelty factor, is #130 because The Beatles appear.

And later we see Thing in a Beatles wig.  I’m not even gonna bother to share it with you because, ugh.

But with #130, the Dr. Strange tales kick into high gear.  Whenever he’s in a Dormammu/Clea story, his character really seems to come alive.  In this multi-issue tale, which goes from #130 all the way to #133, Baron Mordo and Dormammu team up.

Their main mode of communication appears to be a mystical TV set.  And they act like dicks to each other, but it’s a fun ride to watch.
Also along the way, we see Strange going beyond the vague mystic battles he usually has to an actual street fight (above).  One of a few Strange stories I’d say are truly great.

Also in these issues, Human Torch meets Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Creators: Torch stories: Lee/Ayers
Grade: F
Creators: Dr. Strange stories: Lee/Ditko
Grade: A for issues #130-133.  The rest get a C.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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