Marvel Comics Presents #46: Aquarian (1990)

This one is gruesome.  Aquarian is dressed like Jesus, walking down a road, when some rednecks call him a “Monkie” and shoot at him.  We know they’re rednecks because their shotgun is red.

Obviously, bullets don’t hurt Aquarian, and when the attempted murder fails the shooter kills himself.  Look at those panels.  There’s actually red blood.  That’s the most graphic suicide I’ve ever seen in a Marvel book.

The rest of the story barely matters, but the guys are part of the racist paramilitary group The Watchdogs (from the pages of Captain America) and though Aquarian was going to uncover some bad deeds they did.

Which begs the question, “Then why did they shoot at him?  They could have just driven along without bothering Aquarian.”  To which the answer, I assume, is that racist idiots can’t suppress their urges.

Creators: Fabian Nicieza, Hugh Haynes
Grade: Overall, it’s just average, but that suicide depiction makes this a notable issue.  Also it’s noticeable because I love me some good gore now and then.  I wish this had been a longer form story-it had potential.  C+

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