Instead of a “top 20” list where the rankings get somewhat arbitrary, here’s the best I heard from some of my favorite genres.

I’m only doing one other music list this year–best covers and cover albums of 2019 (which you can find here).  But here’s what I thought would make my end of year list back in the summer.

Hope you find some stuff you like!

I’ll start with a short list of some oldies-still-goodies….


Some good “comebacks” this year–mostly in the rap genre, but not exclusively.

5. If You Need Me, Call Me by Emerson.Technically not a “comeback” but a reissue, but nevertheless well worth a mention here.  If you dig old school R and B, or are nostalgic for the 1980s, this is for you.

4. One of the Best Yet by Gang Starr.  Carefully selected guest appearances by Q-Tip, Talib, and Ne-Yo, among others, made this a terrific return of one of raps founding giants.

3. Rise of Da Moon by Black Moon.  Buckshot, DJ Evil Dee, and 5 Ft return with an album that’s their best since their first.  Nicely done.

2.  Love Starvation/Trombone EP by Nick Lowe.  One of the greatest songwriters in rock history proves he’s still got what it takes to craft brilliantly simple rock tunes. This isn’t really a comeback because Nick Lowe never left, but his career spans five decades so he’s definitely old!

1.  Can’t Dance to a Track/Midas Touch by Slick Rick.  BEST COMEBACK OF THE YEAR!

Next: Best Pop album and Most Woke Albums of 2019!

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