spider-man cheats on a test

Peter Parker’s great sense of responsibility does not extend to cheating on college exams.

Meanwhile, the Looter steals some stuff.  Guest-starring Bill Foster, the new Giant Man.

The best part is when they first meet, and Spidey calls him “black Giant-Man.”  I don’t know if writer Tom DeFalco meant this to be a profound statement on racism in comics, but it was.  Black superheroes were almost always named after their races—Black Lightning, Black Panther, Black Eagle, Blackwing, Black Vulcan, Black Talon, etc.  But not a single white superhero was called “White Something.”

Looter meets a gruesome end: He gets a hold of a radioactive meteor that allows him to grow in size, just like black Giant Man, but he can’t stop growing and ultimately he pops like a balloon.  Dead.

Creators: Tom DeFalco and Jim Mooney
Grade: C-

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