AVENGERS #214 (1981): Ghost Rider!

Folks can hate on Avengers #214 on the ground that Ghost Rider basically beats the crap out of the entire team, as well as the mutant Angel from The X-Men and The Champions.

It’s kind of ridiculous how overpowered he is in this story.

But I love it.

I love Ghost Rider’s smart approach to beating Thor–he outruns Mjolnir until it reaches its limit and boomerangs back, then he grabs it and rides it back to the thunder God, and then blasts him with hellfire.

And burning Iron Man through his eye-holes.

I love that it’s a good Ghost Rider comic–something very rare.  GR is a character who looks cool but writes poorly.

And I love how Jarvis gives Cap a heart-to-heart.

There’s also a sequence where, in the aftermath of Hank Pym being kicked off the team, Tony Stark hits on Janet Van Dyne-Pym.  But not until after Hank crawls to apologize and she says no.  Kudos to Marvel for showing her with her eye swollen shut–usually we don’t see injuries form issue to issue, but this one is a critical plot point.

I read this issue probably over a dozen times when I was a kid, and I still love it.

Creators: Jim Shooter and Bob Hall

Grade: A

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