THE UNCANNY X-MEN #165-167: Paul Smith begins!


Paul Smith, for many a top-10 X-artist, signs on for Storm’s Brood transformation, a double-sized Brood story conclusion.

The cover to issue #165 is i-freakin’-conic.

Wolverine is an athiest.

Also in this story: The new New Mutants comic gets a little recognition.  Professor X is more involved in world affairs now, so Moira offers to take up the “teacher” mantle.

The team goes to the Brood homeworld, and Kitty makes a Star Trek reference.

There, the team gets infected by the Brood and Wolverine makes a choice…

It’s a great character moment, heroically drawn by Smith.

And, in the end, Professor X “dies.”

But we all know he ain’t really dead.

Creators: Chris Claremont, Paul Smith
Grade: B

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