Marvel Fanfare #48 (1989)

Two She-Hulk stories and a Vision story.  It was originally supposed to be three Shulk stories, but Byrne got “Byrned out.”

The editori-Al feature explains it.

Kinda funny.  I always though Milgrom’s work here on Fanfare was pretty good—and largely unrecognized because anthology books (especially those that don’t take place within continuity) don’t require a lot of editorial coordination.

The stories are mostly harmless, although the Vision story still has him as occupying the body of the Original Human Torch, which was retconned by Byrne.  He really did his best to screw with this issue, as noted by Al above.

I note that this book wasn’t selling very well, and Al constantly complained about trouble meeting deadlines, and yet it was part of the movement to twice-a-month publication.  Marvel moved a bunch of titles to a 26-issue-per-year schedule, because in the mid ‘80s they were making money hand-over-fist.

It all collapses in the mid-‘90s.

Creators: Dwight Jon Zimmerman and Kerry Gammill; Sue Flaxman and Don Perlin; Michael Higgins and Ron Wilson.
Grade: C

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