AVENGERS #5 (1964)

giant man helicopter

Sadly, the best thing about this issue was that Giant Man uses a helicopter as a weapon.  Also in this issue: A very brief FF crossover, where they bitch about what a pain the ass Hulk is…

This issue is mostly a Thor story–“Invasion of the Lava Men.” In it, Thor submerges himself in lava, and apparently his hammer can protect him.

That’s why he can’t wait to send everyone home…

I suspect this is a one-off power, and one that won’t eventually be canon.  Just like that super-breath he had in Journey Into Mystery #86.

Not one of Lee/Kirby’s best.

But, this was also the first issue with a letter page, and look at that first letter:

Yes, it’s a dumb fandom versus question!  They date all the way to the beginning of Marvel!

Creators: Lee, Kirby

Grade: D

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