Hulk #278-279 (1982-1983)


In the aftermath of his televised kidnapping and battle against the U-Foes, everyone wants to be Hulk’s friend and he gets amnesty.  I guess their deal backfired—they thought they’d show him to be a monster, but instead everyone knows he now has Bruce Banner’s brain.

Lots of cameos here.

Quite a revival, especially for Blitzkrieg (a hero that is paradoxically named after a Nazi military strategy) and Shamrock, who previously appeared only in Contest of Champions.

While he’s on the White House lawn with every hero known to man, aliens attack.  Seriously.  I mean, they couldn’t have had worse timing if they’d meant to.  So, everybody fights and the aliens are defeated.  Easily.

It turns out that there weren’t any aliens after all.  And despite the fact that every superhero on Earth (just about) was present and accounted for, nobody figured that out.  Rather, it was The Leader using alien tech as part of a master plan, the first step of which was getting amnesty for Hulk for all his past destructiveness.  (That story will get resolved in future issues.)


Oh, and he also gets the key to the city.

Mayor Koch appears in this book.  President Reagan’s signature is seen on the amnesty declaration, but he never actually makes an appearance.  You know these Hollywood actors—too expensive.

Oh, and I’m not tagging all the heroes who appear because they ALL appear.  Even The Watcher, Asgard, and Willie Lumpkin appear.  It’s a really fun gang-bang issue.

Creators: Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema (#278), Mark Gruenwald (#279—betcha didn’t know he could draw)
Grade: C+.  The script is stupid, but it’s so much fun.

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