THE UNCANNY X-MEN #11 (1965)

Okay, so this panel made me sad.  I’m pretty sure that this guy, who owns a diamond store, is supposed to be gay.  I know it was the mid-60s so people didn’t know better, but stereotyping like this is one of the really distracting things about reading older comics.

Anyway, this book introduces The Stranger, from the stars, who comes to Earth to examine mutations and gather “specimens.”  He takes Magneto and Toad.  Seems an awful lot like another Marvel Cosmic elder, The Collector, no?

Also: Ice stairs!

This is also the issue where Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch quit the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Soon, they’ll join The Avengers (in #16).

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
First appearance: Stranger
Grade: C+.  Sorry, the story just isn’t that good, even with the historical significance.

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