The Watcher had only appeared once, in F4 #13, but by his second appearance he was already breaking his oath of non-interference to introduce the team to….

…Molecule Man!  But at least he professed the need to limit how much information he provided.

Here’s how they fought ol’ Owen Reece…

He’s a shadow of his future self at this point.  Just a pretty average villain.  But that’s not the only reason to read F4#20.

We’d seen Ben Grimm mention Yancy Street before, but we’d never been there before. Apparently, it crossed “Tenth Ave.” Some of you may be thinking there is no such place, but it’s actually on the West Side. Most people call it Amsterdam Avenue. It doesn’t go through Alphabet City, so I’m not sure where “Yancy” is supposed to be…

Anyhow, this is the first appearance of The Yancy Street Gang.

What a great issue!

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

First appearances: Yancy St. Gang, Molecule Man

Grade: A

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