Super-Villain Team-Up #13-15 (1977)


Doctor Doom plays with his toys.

See, I’m tempted to not even cover this book.  It’s so awful.  The Doom/Submariner stories never got good, so with #14, they changed to Doom/villain-of-the-month.  The results weren’t any better, notwithstanding a few terrific covers by John Byrne and Terry Austin.

Namor and Doom team-up against the Atlantean warlord Krang, and they go their separate ways.

When he gets home, Magneto bursts into his castle and attacks him.  Doom uses a gas to control Magneto’s mind, but inexplicably lets him leave afterwards. Not even a bill for breaking down his door.

Magneto goes and teams up with The Avengers to fight Doom after Magneto trashes The Avengers and nearly kills Vision (huh?), and then Doom uses the same gas to take control over the Avengers.  Then he tries to get The Champions involved.  It’s very, very silly

The book then goes on hiatus until 1979.

Note: Issue #15 reprinted an old Astonish Tales featuring Doom and Red Skull.

Creators: Bill Mantlo (script #13, 14), Keith Giffen (#13), Bob Hall (#14)
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