Wolverine #11-16 (1989): The Gehenna Stone Affair

Peter David takes over for an extended arc known as “The Gehenna Stone Affair.” Wolverine returns to the United States, going to San Francisco with Jessica Drew to try to stop a cult from reviving an ancient evil demon by reforming the shattered Gehenna Stone.

So, it’s a “quest for pieces of the stone” story.  That’s a pretty cool and standard comic book trope, in use for decades, and it continues to work well.

There’s some sorcery.

Which Wolverine kicks in the face.

Of course, it ends with a successful end to the demon plot, but it also changes the series’ tone.

For most of this series, Logan has been “undercover” in the identity of “Patch,” eschewing the use of this claws and pretending not to be the famous mutant superhero.  I haven’t really understood the motivation for this, and apparently Peter David didn’t either because halfway through this story Wolverine is back in costume again.

And he’s done with that Patch nonsense.

Creators: Peter David, John Buscema, notably with Bill Sienkiewicz as inker
Grade: B-

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