Solo Avengers #19-20 and Avengers Spotlight #21: Hawkeye and Black Panther (1989)

And so the Solo Avengers experiment ends, and is replaced by…The exact same thing but with a different title.  Hawkeye beats Orb with a trick arrow.  I’ve never liked trick arrows.  And also, Ghost Rider has stood his own against multiple Avengers (and at the same time, at that!), and yet has struggled against Orb so…This seems out of balance.

Anyhow, the story is about Orb being Hawkeye’s prisoner as they trapse across a desert so Hawkeye can take Orb to jail.  Only Plantman has taken over the desert.

It’s not a terrible story.  It’s actually better than most of the Hawkeye installments in this title.  It’s used to bridge Solo Avengers to Avengers Spotlight.  The rest of the stories in these issues are single-issue short tales.  The Moondragon story (in issue #20) has its own post here.

There’s a Black Panther story that’s so horrible and inconsequential as to be worthy of an intentional omission in Solo Avengers #19.

And then in issue #21 there’s a Starfox back up, which is surprising.  Solo Avengers wasn’t selling well, and Marvel already has two anthology books on the market (Marvel Comics Presents and Marvel Fanfare), so why wouldn’t they take advantage of an opportunity to tell full-issue stories about solo Avengers when they changed it to “Spotlight?”  Especially since a spotlight is usually on ONE BIG THING and not several small ones!


Anyway, the Starfox story is kind of a two-parter crossing over with Marvel Comics Presents, so I cover it separately.  But you can see how Marvel is not really making use of the anthology concept, with crossing over and all.

Hawkeye: Howard Mackie, Ron Wilson.  Grade: C
Black Panther: Sandy Plunkett and Scott Hampton.  Grade: F

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