Silver Surfer #14-15 (1970)

#14: Silver Surfer vs. Spider-Man.  Spidey is totally outpowered, and the story doesn’t make much sense.

Plus Silver Surfer doesn’t like mean words.

#15: Silver Surfer vs. Human Torch.  Ditto.  (But why didn’t he use the fire hydrant on the fire guy?)

Surfer and Torch fighting makes even less sense than Spidey and Surfer, seeing as how they’ve been allies in the past.  The panel above, in which Surfer can’t believe that people thought he wanted to kill Johnny Storm, occurs right after he pummeled him with a cosmic bolt and then almost let a train run over him.  Gee, I wonder why they thought Surfer was trying to hurt him?

It’s a shame that people weren’t buying this book, which more often than not was one of the best Marvel comics on the market every month, so Stan had to resort to guest appearances.  But these issues are just stupid. It’s like they gave up.

Creators: Stan Lee and John Buscema
Grade: D

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