DOCTOR STRANGE #32-37 (1978-1979)

The Dweller in the Darkness returns from issue #30.  He misdirects Strange into fighting Nightmare, which is cool because “real” magic is always simple misdirection, and then teams up with a whole bunch of other-dimension monsters to wreak havoc on Strange and Earth.  It ends with Dweller literally lying down and disappearing, after proclaiming himself the victor.

I was really enjoying Stern’s work on the series, but it looks like when he steps out of it, the book is back to its ponderous, and often boring, ways.  Stern will be back, but not for a while-after a run by Chris Claremont.

Creators: Roger Stern (plot #32, 33, 35-37); Ralph Macchio (script #33-37); Alan Kupperberg (art, #32); Tom Sutton (art #33-36); Gene Colan (art #37)
Grade: D
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