Daredevil #268 (1989)


Daredevil, having given up his past and his identity as Matt Murdock, is a bad ass.

Daredevil has lost everything.  (Again.)  He had an almost idyllic and humble existence helping people in Hell’s Kitchen with their tax returns by day and rousting slum lords at night.  Since then, he’s lost his day job, been strangled by a vacuum cleaner, and been evicted from his home.  He’s now at a boarding house for fellow losers, where he hangs a noose around the neck of a leg-breaker for the mob.

It’s another quiet story of Matt Murdock anonymously helping normal people with big problems—the kind of thing you NEVER get to read about today, when every issue of every comic seems to be about the end of the world.

And the writing in these issues is just phenomenal.

Creators: Ann Nocenti, John Romita Jr.
Grade: A-

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