Thor #168-169 (1969)

Let’s end the year with some fun!  Big, Galactus-sized fun!

Thor jumps in “The Odinship” to traverse space to find Galactus, who for some reason is the target of an urgent Odin search.  Meanwhile, the Warriors Three are on Earth reading the newspaper and trying to figure out what fools us mortals be.

Thor finds Galactus pretty quickly, and tries to hit him but G has put up an invisible barrier so instead Thor has to stand next to Galactus, who is in his easy chair, and listen as the big guy spins a tale.  Note: This is Galactus with long sleeves and long pants-and much more dignified look than some other recent outfits.

The story Thor hears is Galactus’ origin.  One of the Watchers, named Ecce, found Galan as the lone survivor the world Taa, which was wiped out by a plague.  The population-killing virus gave Galan the power to eat planets, and so Galactus was born.

Yeah.  Basically he was bitten by a radioactive plague.

There’s a little bit of a Superman vibe, too, as Galactus departs his doomed world in a rocket.

As soon as the story ends, Odin calls Thor back to Earth.  Apparently, all Odin wanted Galactus for was to hear a neat little origin yarn.

Oh, and I have to share this:

His costume is actually a regulating suit!  I never knew that!

Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Grade: B

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