Tales To Astonish #84-87 (1966-1967)

Hulk gets a coat.

Hulk wears the coat to go undercover, trying to hook back up with The Avengers.  So, they stories kind of cross-over.  Anyway, as per usual, Hulk goes nuts and starts breaking things.  Tracking along, Sub-Mariner is under control of the Secret Empire, and he is on the hunt for Hulk—but never finds them.  At one point, they’re actually in the same movie theater together.  Seriously.  It’s a kind of 1960s twist that makes this a great arc for both characters.

Not much really happens in these issues—The Secret Empire end up being a villainous group that doesn’t really matter in the greater Marvel Universe, and in the end Hulk breaks things and then goes back to status quo.

For the Hulk stories, we have a credits box saying that the art is by “almost the whole blamed bullpen” and “therapy” is by “Irving Forbush.”  I think this is the first time Forbush appears as a credited person.  (He doesn’t exist—but you all know that, right?)

Creators: Hulk: Stan Lee (script) and art by…Dick Ayers, Gene Colan, Bill Everett, Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., and John Buscema.

Sub-Mariner: Stan Lee (script) and art by Gene Colan, Jerry Grandenetti, and Bill Everett

Grade: C+.  Slightly above average.  A fun story for both characters, but ultimately an inconsequential one.

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