MARVEL TEAM UP #140-141 (Daredevil and Black Widow)

This is an interesting one.  Spider-Man foils a looter during a city-wide blackout, but a “law abiding citizen” who witnesses the exchange murders the looter.

The cops then arrest the wrong man, and Spider-Man knows it, so he recruits Matt Murdock to represent him.  In a surprising recognition that criminal attorneys have high caseloads and don’t have time to go running around in spandex, Matt then recruits his second-favorite booty call, Black Widow, to help find the evidence necessary to free his client.

It’s rare to see this kind of detailed look at the criminal justice system in ‘80s comics.  Bill Mantlo would later become an attorney for the indigent, so nice to see he understands how hard the job is.

Also, nice to see Klaus Janson inking the cover.  Beautiful work.  Not much need for Spidey here, though.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and Tom DeFalco (story), Ron Frenz/Mike Eposito (Breakdowns/Finishes)
Grade: B-

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