Damage Control #4 (1989)

The final issue of this mini takes place after Inferno, and involves the team cleaning up the city and also finding out that the X-Men’s Danger Room has the ability to repair itself and is stealing material from NYC construction sites.  A lot of the issue is flashbacks to a prior job, where Professor X first hired DC to help fix the X-Mansion, which is where the Danger Room was mis-programmed to behave like this.

Once again, as with every other issue of this series, it’s a pretty neat idea but it’s rushed and doesn’t go where I would have liked to have seen it go.  And, once again, it feels like material that belongs in Crazy Magazine and not in Marvel continuity.

That’s Jack Kirby again, above, even though they don’t say so.

Creators: Dwayne McDuffie, Ernie Colon
Grade: C-

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