Marvel Chillers #3-7 (1976): Tigra

Don’t be fooled by the amazing names in the creator credits, below: These are bad.  Just bad.  Nice, big recap spread, though.

Unfortunately, across multiple issues we really don’t learn anything about Tigra as a character or why we should care about her.  She fights…No, guess.  Before I tell you, guess.  What does the cat lady fight?

That’s right, The Rat-Pack.  Also Kraven and Super-Skrull.

You have to admire Marvel for trying to have a female lead, but a female lead who’s a cat lady is a bit lowbrow by today’s standards.

We do get a Red Wolf storyline.  If that’s something you care about.

And #6 has early John Byrne art.  That’s neat!  And we almost get a Claremont/Byrne team-up.  But not quite.

Creators: Writers: Tony Isabella (#3, 5, 6), Chris Claremont (#4), Jim Shooter (#7)
Artists: Will Meugniot (#3, 5), Frank Robbins (#4), John Byrne (#6), George Tuska (#7)
Grade: F

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