GHOST RIDER #29-30 (1978)

This is actually a pretty well-executed idea, and not a bad Ghost Rider story.  Of course, previous issues have set a low bar–I think I’ve given more “F” grades to GR comics than any others, but still, credit where it’s due: This isn’t a bad arc.

Dormammu tricks Ghost Rider into fighting Dr. Strange by attacking him with a fake Strange illusion.  Ghost Rider then goes after the real Doctor, and then, while they are together, Dormammu does a mind switch, putting Johnny Storm’s consciousness inside Dr. Strange’s body and taking over Blaze’s body for himself.

What follows is a fistfight, which feels a little lame, and Johnny wins, forcing Dormammu to pop out of Blaze’s body and restore everyone to their rightful spots.

Creators: Roger McKenzie and Don Perlin

Grade C.  I said it wasn’t bad, and it’s not. It’s solidly average compared to other Marvel books in 1978.

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