Spider-Woman #19 (1979)

Carmine Infantino does a good job on the splash page.

Spider-Woman teams up with Jack Russel, aka Werewolf By Night against a new villain who goes by the name “Enforcer.”  In the two-on-one panel above, it looks like they’re stripping him for a threesome, but they’re just getting his overcoat off so you can see his bizarre costume.  He looks a bit like Punisher, and is a gun-dude.  Got the go-go white boots and the white chest.  Why would a combat guy basically make his chest and face a big white target.

This issue blends traditional action superheroics with horror, and there’s a pretty hardcore moment where Enforcer shoots Werewolf in the mouth.

This issue also develops Werewolf into a more action-like hero, because he apparently has learned how to talk in werewolf form, and can transform from person to wolf at will.  I suspect we’ll be seeing more of him in this book.

This issue is the first time I can see how Spider-Woman might turn into a better-than-average comic.

Creators:  Mark Gruenwald (writer), Steven Grant (billed as “underwriter”), Carmine Infantino
Grade: C+.  Slightly better than average.
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