Ghost Rider #63 (1981)


I always enjoy an Orb story, and I was happy to see Luke McDonnell on the art.  He’s an unsung legend of the 1980s, and this issue looks much better for his participation.

Orb robs a truck on a lone desert highway, and Ghost Rider goes after him.

Orb gets a new costume and tech upgrade, from Madame Menace, with these exploding, guided eye bombs.  But of course they’re no match for Ghost Rider…

McDonnell does a great job with that sequence.  Very, very cool.  Sadly, he’s just stopping by for one issue.

Also, Brent Anderson is doing the covers these days, and he’s doing a great job.  The cover to this issue is one of my all-time favorites.  I’d love to own the actual art.

Just in case any of you want to go buy me a present.

Creators: Michael Fleisher and Luke McDonnell
Grade: C+
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