Marvel Comics Presents #13 (1989): Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman; Shanna of the Jungle

At the time this comes out, Sue and Reed have quit the FF and moved to the suburbs to raise Franklin incognito. Reed goes up on the roof to fix some shingles, but can’t use his powers because, again, they’re incognito.  He ends up stuck on the roof.  He ends up falling off and holding on to the eaves for dear life, relying on neighbors to solve his problem.

It’s a pretty funny and creative way of addressing the use-no-powers theme, and it smartly shows off how without his powers, his big brain can’t even fix a roof.

Ka-Zar’s solo series was never great, but it was at its best when Bruce Jones was writing it, so it’s nice that he’s back with Shanna here.  He’s also doing the art this time around.

The story is simple: She goes to an African reserve to stop a poacher who also killed his wife.

Normally I would have separate posts for this stories because they don’t relate to each other, but there’s that handy pin-up above that has art for both so I grouped them together.
Reed and Sue Story: C.J. Henderson, Mike Harris.
Grade: B-
Shanna: Bruce Jones.  Grade: C.  Nothing much here, but nothing bothersome.

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