Captain America #206-213 (1977): 1st Arnim Zola!

Kirby introduces Arnim Zola, an evil scientist whose face is in his chest.  Zola is working with Red Skull to create “genetic art,” which translates as a group of superpowered freaks who do their evil bidding.  One such creation is Nazi X, a bio-engineered drone that houses the brain of Hitler.  Cap and a group of SHIELD agents that includes Sharon fight their way through these issues, gradually learning that Red Skull is behind this and that he and Zola’s plans are to put Hitler’s brain in Cap’s body!  They fail, of course.


Also, Cap klops people.  And Red Skull offers some philosophy about women:

Falcon is barely in these issues. 

Creator: Jack Kirby

Grade: D





Kirby’s run was pretty good, but other than Madbomb not classic.  And then there’s this donkeypunch.

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