Thor #315-317 (1982)

Take a moment to admire the cover of #316.

Bob Layton inked it over Pollard’s pencils.  It’s amazing how distinctive Layton’s Iron Man work is—you immediately know it’s him, regardless of who the penciller is.  Klaus Janson is the same way.  There’s a special group of inkers who did this kind of work, and they’re worthy of praise.

As for the story in these issues, Thor and Iron Man fight Bi-Beast and Man-Beast, both creations of HIgh Evolutionary.

Oh, and Man-Thing makes a brief appearance as well.

In which he gets punched in the face by Bi-Beast…

As with the rest of his run on Thor, this is far from Doug Moench’s best work.

Creators: Doug Moench and Keith Pollard
Grade: D+
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Iron Man, Man-Thing, Thor

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