WARLOCK #8 (1973)

The High Evolutionary asks for the Rigellians to give an account of Adam Warlock’s life, using a Regellian Recorder.  You know, I first saw the Recorder in Bob Layton’s wonderful Hercules miniseries of the 1980s (I can’t wait to re-read that!).  I had no idea at the time that the character appeared so often.

We also get a pretty thorough description of Adam’s Soul Gem powers.  I have to admit that it’s hard to keep them straight sometimes, so it’s kind of a handy cheat sheet.

Not a huge fan of Bob Brown’s art here.  Warlock looks tired.

But this is the last issue written by Mike Friedrich, and it ends with a cliffhanger, which is weird.

At the time they wrote it, they didn’t seem to know when we’d get the conclusion of this conflict-it ends up being resolved in Hulk #176.

Also: This suggestive panel.  Implied oral.

Note: The series does return, in a few years, with a new (and amazing) creative team, and retains the original numbering.

Creators: Friedrich and Bob Brown
Grade: C

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