Hulk #353-355 (1989)

For the first time since he became Mr. Fixit, Hulk is unable to stay out of the sun long enough to avoid transforming back into Banner. And Banner quickly freaks out, and tries to take drugs to put himself to sleep before nightfall–so he won’t transform. It’s a great little role-reversal, since usually it’s Hulk who doesn’t fit into the human world and has to be pharmaceutically (or forcibly) calmed down.

I’ve never been clear on what happens to Bruce Banner when Hulk is in the world, and vice-versa.  Frankly, I think different writers have answered this question in radically different ways.  Sometimes, we see one knowing (and being upset by) what the other is doing.  Others, like in this issue, we see Banner waking up and not even knowing where he is. So basically David is reintroducing the “transformation conflict” between Banner and Hulk.

mr fixit hulk

But, inevitably, Banner does fall asleep.  And Mr. Fixit is not happy about this.  He likes his new life.  So he threatens Banner.

Meanwhile, Hulk’s criminal boss has been without his bodyguard all day and gets into some trouble.

Also, Glorian is back and he’s in Vegas using his power to make people see/feel whatever he wants, to make tourists believe they are hitting jackpots at the slots, etc.  He sees Hulk and decides to make Hulk happy, so he doesn’t need to fight any more.


It doesn’t work, and Hulk ends up seeing Freddie Krueger.

Then, Hulk beats the snot out of Glorian.

And Freddie isn’t the only movie-type celebrity who appears in this issue.

That’s Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert discussing the Batman movie.

Creators: Peter David, Jeff Purves
Grade: C+

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