Adventure into Fear with The Man Called Morbius, The Living Vampire #30-31 (series ends)

Yeah, in the early 1970s if you saw Bill Mantlo’s name in the credits, you knew it was either a series-ender or a fill-in. It’s too bad because this book showed a surprising amount of potential, and Mantlo is a good writer.  The series goes out with an all-out vampire battle, with vampire hunter Stroud and Morbius fighting side by side.

Then, at the very end, Morbius’ bloodlust has him turn on his longtime love, Martine.  He bites her and she ends up in the hospital, which for her is the last straw.  She dumps him, and Morbius flies away while Stroud stays behind with Martine.

Yes, Stround gets his girl in the end.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and George Evans (#30)/Frank Robbins (#31)
Grade: D

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