THE ETERNALS #1-19 (1976-1978)

I’m sorry, but I can’t read these.  I get that this is Jack Kirby’s big moment, and the thing that probably led to the New Gods.  I understand the debt he’s owed for his contributions to superheroics.  And I even see how the art in Eternals is really pretty neat.

But the stories are just … Boring.  The Eternals are one of three races created by The Celestials, which also includes Humans and Deviants, and the series is essentially a big war between them all.  But in order to understand it, you’ve got to read carefully and wade through pages and pages of well-drawn nothing.  Nothing happens.  Over and over.

There are a few main Marvel characters who appear, and this is supposedly the origin story for the entire Marvel Universe, but this feels like a standalone book with little impact.

One of these Eternals, called “The Forgotten One,” will return as “Gilgamesh” and join the Avengers.

Creator: Jack Kirby
Grade: D
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