THE DEFENDERS #18-19 (1974-1975): 1st Wrecking Crew

First appearance of the Wrecking Crew!  I would have bet money they would have debuted in a Thor comic.


But nope.  It was here.

And Luke Cage hangs out with the team, too!  We get the origin of the team in the course of the story, in which the Crew are looking for a Gamma Bomb–only they find it’s not where it was supposed to be.  The two opposing teams go on a search for the bomb, with the Defenders finding it first and disarming it.

This is Len Wein’s last issue.  Next: Steve Gerber.  Yay!

Creators: Len Wein (plot), Chris Claremont (script), Sal Buscema (art)
Grade: B-

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