DAREDEVIL #116-117 (1974-1975)

black widow shanna cat fight silhoutte

Steve Gerber plotted and Chris Claremont wrote #117, which represent Gerber’s last work on DD.  I do like the silhouette catfight between Shanna and Natasha.

The ladies rescue DD from the Owl in a nice turnabout (usually a damsel is in distress, not a Daredevil).

At the end of the issue Matt and Natasha break up, marking the end of their affair (for now).  I don’t know if this was an editorial decision to begin to “undo” Gerber’s run, or if it was Steve’s own idea, or Chris’.

But the series doesn’t really get a lot better any time soon.  The next year-or-so of issues, before Marv Wolfman is installed as a regular writer, are basically all fill-ins.

Creators: Steve Gerber and Chris Claremont (#117); Gene Colan
Grade: D

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