Solo Avengers #13 (1988): Hawkeye and Wonder Man

Hawkeye fights yet another guy from his Carnival days, which also spawned Grim Reaper, Swordsman, Trickshot, and I think also Taskmaster.  Now that’s a circus of crime!  The guy rides a motorcycle and goes by the name Bullet Biker.  And believe it or not, he’ll return for another appearance in the future.

Then Wonder Man fights a possessed actor who turns into a giant, fat demon on set of a movie he’s in.

Hawkeye: Tom DeFalco (plot), Ralph Macchio (script), Ron Lim (art).  Grade: D.  Yes, it took two writers to create this 12-page story.
Wonder Man: Gregory Wright and Dwayne McDuffie (script), Butch Guice (art).  Grade: D.  See above.  Four writers, one comic.  Ugh.

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