AVENGERS #123-124 (1974): “An origin for Mantis!”

Smack dab in the middle of a long fight against the Zodiac gang, Libra tells Mantis that he is her father.  There’s a long soap-opera type story about Libra being a German mercenary in Vietnam and falling in love with a local, having a baby, and then running off with the baby.  Being mixed race, Baby Mantis wasn’t well-liked.  Then there’s some stuff about how the Kree were in Vietnam too, and Swordsman was involved, it’s extremely confusing.

And she tries to mouth rape Thor.

But it does give Vision and Mantis some time to bond, and it kinda seems like he’s taking a shine to her.  Either he likes her, or he feels paternal towards her.  So he helps Mantis with her daddy issues.  Because if anyone’s got those kinda issues, it’s the Viz.


mantis prey

Swordsman goes from braggart to bitch.

I get that Englehart really wanted Mantis to be a major player, but this is a swing and a miss for me.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Bob Brown

Grade: C

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