Actually, it’s Luke Cage: Hero For Hire #50 and PM&IF #1. This was the first issue where they co-headlined and got the logo they’d keep for their entire run…


The story involves a re-telling of Luke’s origin…

…and then involves Stiletto and Discus, the sons of prison guards from Seagate.  In the panel at the top of this post, Luke catches a bullet fired by Misty Knight at point blank range, saving the life of Stiletto. There are a few reasons why this is different from what you expect. First of all, it’s the woman who wants the revenge killing. Second, a hero is capable of this kind of murder: Again, her gun is a few feet from the target’s face, and the villain was already neutralized and presented no threat. That’s cold-blooded.

And it hurts Luke to catch a bullet? Really?

There are also some ties drawn between Luke and Danny’s pasts…

And, in the end, a partnership is born.

Creators: Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Grade: C+

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