Ghost Rider #61-62 (1981)

Out of ideas?  Let’s bring Water Wizard back!

At least they use him innovatively: A desert town has a severe drought, so Ghost Rider goes and gathers Water Wizard out of the looney bin (fighting GR last time drove him literally crazy), but in the process the Wiz is taken by some Saudis who want to pay him to fight Arabian Knight.

Seriously?  All the villains our there and you want to snatch up Water Wizard to fight a guy who lives in the desert?

Ghost Rider is usually bad, but this story is ponderously stupid.

Creators: Michael Fleisher and Alan
Grade: D-.  Not quite an F because at least Ghost Rider thought about using Water Wizard as a force to help a town—so he was trying to rehabilitate him.  Interesting idea—but I’m not sure that the spirit of vengeance is really the right guy for the job?

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