Uncanny X-Men #231 (1988)

Finally!  Since the beginning, the X-Men have been a family of sorts, especially given that many of them are rejected by their biological families when their mutant nature manifests, so it’s been very strange that they have been “playing dead” in Australia, allowing their loved ones like Kitty Pryde and Colossus’ own, biological sister Illyana believe that they’re dead.  In the panels above, Storm articulates the logic behind their fake demises, while Peter expresses his pain about it.

By breaking stuff and looking strong.

He does this for several pages—very solid character work.  And his teammates are worried about him.

Gateway, the aborigine character who has been silent so far and who has kind of been hanging around where the X-Men are hiding out, without revealing whether he is friend, foe, or indifferent, then uses his powers to open a dimensional portal and shows that Illyana is in Limbo trying to use magic to resurrect her “dead” brother.

So he goes to her.  She thinks her spell worked and he’s back from the dead, and he allows her to think that.

The two of them then team up against the ongoing Limbo nemesis of S’ym.  In the end, Magik “undoes” her conjuring and allows Colossus to be “dead” again.

Creators: Chris Claremont, Rick Leonardi
Grade: C+

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