THE HULK #190-191 (1975)


It starts with a baby bear.  And a vaudevillian joke.

Then the main story gets started, and it’s a Shaper of Worlds jam featuring the first appearance of Glorian (formerly known as Thomas Gideon, son of a millionaire with ties to the Fantastic Four).

Glorian is a golden Hermes-like character who works for Shaper of Worlds by finding people with desperate dreams so Shaper can make them come true.

In the course of the two issues, we get a return of a bunch of small bit-characters that Hulk befriended, Jarella, and Hulk being rocketed off Earth to a toad-man planet.

The Toad Men are the same villains from Hulk #2.

In the end, Hulk rejects Shaper’s fantasy world and returns home.

Creators: Len Wein and Herb Trimpe

First appearance of Glorian.

Grade: B

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