Solo Avengers #10 (1988)

Two done-in-one stories in one issue.  The first is Hawkeye taking down some criminals at a convention.  The second is Dr. Druid taking down some mystical criminals in the New York City subway tunnels, where there is a Stonehenge made out of train cars.  The first is boring, the second is stupid.  But I really didn’t need to tell you the second story was stupid because I already told you it starred Dr. Druid.

There’s really no reason for this comic to exist, until you get to the letters page.

Editor and continuity nerd Mark Gruenwald explains some early retcons of the histories of Hulk and Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch.

Since this is canonical information, I’m including those characters in the tags to this post.

Hawkeye: Tom DeFalco, Mark Bright.  Grade: F
Druid: D.G. Chichester and Margaret Clark (script), Lee Weeks (art).  Grade: D.  It’s not an “F” because it’s cool to see some early Lee Weeks work.

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