Beast (in his rubberized “secret identity” suit) and his girlfriend Vera get stuck with Steve Englehart, Roy and Jeannie Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Glyn and Len Wein, in Rutland during their annual Halloween parade, which is always an excuse for Marvel to poke at DC (or vice versa), and to include comic book creators in their own work.

There’s also Juggernaut, whose Cytorrakian powers apparently give him the ability to float.

This is different from later appearances, where Juggernaut does in fact sink-he just can’t be harmed by being underwater.  

Like the classic Amazing Spider-Man #232-233, one of the best comic book stories of all time, in which the book starts with Juggernaut walking underwater and ends with him sinking into cement.

I guess that’s a retcon?

But back to Amazing Adventures #16.  If you remember, Juggernaut was stuck by Eternity, in Dr. Strange #182in another dimension.  It’s not clear how he got out (he just drops through a dimensional vortex), but at the end of the fight Beast manages to steal Juggy’s helmet and we see he’s aging at a rapid, horrific pace.  He says it is because the dimension kept him young, but he shouldn’t have been this old in the first place so it’s unclear what exactly is going on.  It appears that he dies of old age at the end of this issue, but he does pop back through the vortex in hopes that being in the other dimension will revive his youth.

And we all know he ain’t dead, so I’m assuming that’s what happened.  We’ll see when we cover his next appearance!

Creators: Steve Englehart and Bob Brown
Grade: A

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