The 20 Best Albums of of 2019…So Far

16. E is for Ex-Bats by The Ex-Bats

Fast, gnarly, and aggressive—terrific new punk from an exciting new voice.

15. Girl by Maren Morris

Pop country earns its bad rap because so much of it is diposable and ultimately forgettable, but Morris’ powerful voice and passion makes her songs rise above the riff raff and stand out.

14. The Seduction of Kansas by Priests

Electro music to be mad to, but in a smart, grad-student kind of way.  Love it.

13. Baby on Baby by DaBaby

Hip hop is often best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously  DaBaby walks that fine line between hard-ass gangsta verses and silliness that relies on pure charisma.  And charm is something DaBaby seems to have an endless supply.

12. Grim Town by SOAK

Quirky indie rock.

11. Midnight by Stef Chura

Deeply personal and reflective songs, plus one Billy Idol cover.  The deep and the superficial crash together, head-on, like waves breaking on a beach.

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