AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #100-102 (1st Morbius)


Co-written by Stan and Roy Thomas and illustrated by Gil Kane, is the “one where he gets six arms.”

There’s no way this should work, but it’s actually pretty damn good.

Peter Parker wants to spend the rest of his life with Gwen Stacy, but his spider-powers keep getting in the way, so he invents a potion to cure him of having powers but, instead, it gives him eight limbs.  So, he borrows an abandoned Curt Connors laboratory where he meets Morbius.

A year before Marvel starts publishing Tomb of Dracula, they introduce Morbius the Living Vampire.  He looks a lot scarier than Dracula.  His appearance paved the way for a full line of Marvel monsters in the next couple years, including Werewolf by Night and Frankenstein.  Their stories will be loosely tied to Marvel continuity.

Anyhow, then Lizard shows up and things get really nuts.

Gil Kane puts in some serious psychedelic work in this story.

In the end, we get an origin story for Morbius that forces us to have compassion for him–his kid is dying of cancer.  I kind of wish they hadn’t done that.  It would have been nice just to have an evil vampire.

Still, in all, this is a solid tale.  And of course it has a happy ending.

Creators: Stan Lee and Gil Kane

Grade: B-

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