Super-Villain Team-Up #5-12 (1976): 1st Shroud


After the debacle that was issues #1-4 of this series, Marvel turns to two well-established, great creators to get the book back on course.

Namor goes to Reed Richards for help fixing his life-support suit.  Because, naturally, you go to the guy whose wife you’ve been crushing on for years when you need help.  This turns out to be an excuse to get Namor back into his green speedo.  Anyway, while it’s going on, Johnny Storm spots a shadowy figure on a nearby rooftop…

It’s the Shroud!

He seems to appear for no real reason, though, because then the tale is back to Namor who goes back to Doom, and the three of them form an alliance with Henry Kissinger.


Then Shroud returns.  Now he’s in Latveria planning to kill Dr. Doom.  He fails, the tables turn, and Namor captures Doom and tries to force him to do some medical science stuff on some sick amphibian people who date back to Sub Mariner’s solo book.  Then the Avengers show up and Doom basically beats them, and Vision looks silly without a cape.

In issue #8, the Circus of Crime drops in. Namor and Shroud are trying to escape Dr. Doom (because this isn’t a team-up, really) by joining the Circus.

then #9 brings in The Avengers.  It crosses over with Avengers #154 and 155.  Presumably in an effort to get people interested in this book.

Are you getting how jumbled this is?  Do I have to go on?  Because I’m only up to #9, and it goes for three more issues, and even includes Red Skull in a Nazi spacesuit.

It’s horrible.  Just horrible.

At the end of the issue, Red Skull is buried under rocks and left to die on the surface of the moon.

Creators: Steve Englehart (#6-8), Bill Mantlo (#9-12) and Herb Trimpe (#6-7), Keith Giffen (#8), Jim Shooter (doing pencils! #9), Bob Hall (#10-12).

Grade: F
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