SUB-MARINER #36-37 (1971)


Lady Dorma and the Sub-Mariner are at the altar and, guess what?  Yeah, there’s a villain attack.

But more than that, Llyra gets some Atlantean magical plastic surgery to look like Lady Dorma, and takes her place. 

So Sub-Mariner marries Llyra!

I have to admit, that’s a very cool plot twist.

Namor rushes to save his true bride, but fails.

And in the end, Dorma is killed.

An unusually well-crafted and well written tale for a book that has been sub-mediocre for a long time.


One of the only things that has made this book tolerable is Sal Buscema’s art, and now he leaves and is replaced by Ross Andru.  We get some early Bernie Wrightson work on inks.  That’s kind of cool.  But I fear for future issues.

Creators: Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema, Ross Andru

Grade: B-

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